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Zak cafe bar
upper floor



Location: Thessaloniki
Usage: cafe bar
Size: 100 m²
Client: Zak
Construction: unknown

Date: 2021

Associates on design: Voula Papadopoulou
Photo: renders

Status: completed 

What is

Zak is a cafe bar on the east seaside of Thessaloniki. 

The project regards the design of the upper floor, in order to become a study- co working space, a dining space, a presentation room, a small radio station, a small record shop and small products shop, together with a cozy living - sitting space. 

We designed the products shop and the record shop as movable furniture, instead of having a standard place in the space, so all the rest usage is able to happen, by freeing up the space.

The materials used have natural feel, to add to the concept of a cozy and sunny seaside space.

A project by / 157+173 designers

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