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graphic design


Date: 2010 
Location: Global
Client: 157+173 designers

Material: adobe flash
Status: uploaded 

Awards: shortlisted EVGE 2011  

What is

The site was created for the promotion of our studio 157+173designers, on the fields of product design and architecture.

The design of the site is based on the display of existing storage furniture, books and other small items. The clean and simple linear character of the design and the playful interactive mood, reflects the style of the products of 157+173designers\, displayed through the site.

For the home page, a floor shelf on wheels is designed, loaded with horizontally placed books and scattered objects. Each element depicts a separate unit from the work of 157+173designers, while creating stacks between them, in such a way as to classify the different categories of activities.

All the elements, books and objects, which are depicted, can be moved by the user of the site, who with simple movements of the cursor, can create a new composition of objects.

For the second level, a bookshelf is designed, which contains the context of each section in the form of thumbnails, thus expanding the original concept.

On the third level, the actual product is fully displayed, and there is also the option for quick sharing of the page, via Twitter and Facebook.

A project by / 157+173 designers

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