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Water transport stations Thessaloniki 

small scale architecture


Date: 2011
Location: Thessaloniki
Client: Municipality of Thessaloniki
Material: rusted metal / concrete / metal
Status: competition / design concept

Awards: shortlisted (top 6 out of 189 participants)

What is

Our entry to the public water transport stations competition refers to the design of 4 different, yet coherent structures, at the waterfront of thessaloniki, Greece.

The basic volume of the synthesis, seeks to imitate the magnificent volume of a big ship, when somebody is standing next to it. The synthesis of the stations, primarily begins with the de- sign of each floor pattern. The floor of each station, a small pier above the water level, depicts the feeling and surrounding environment of each area, in which the station has to be placed. The patterns revealed are 4, each one fitted in a different area of the city, inspired from each area itself, as we move away form the old harbor to the airport, the ends of the city.

A project by / 157+173 designers

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