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Trth Hrts tattoo studio



Location: Thessaloniki
Usage: tattoo studio
Size: 80 +80 m²
Client: Delos tattoo
Construction: 157+173 designers
Date: 2018
Photo: 157+
173 designers

Status: built

What is

TRTH HRTS ( truth hurts ) is a boutique tattoo studio in Thessaloniki.
It is designed to emit light, brightness and slick cleanliness, dressed in white and light grey color pallets, in contrast to the usually darker tattoo studios look & feel.
Its unique character is completed by a warm and friendly feel, caused by the extensive use of birch plywood and large white & black terrazzo tiles, splashed with black ink-like spots, referencing to the black tattoo ink, black architectural elements like the main staircase and the use of clear transparent with black details custom ceiling lights.

A project by / 157+173 designers

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