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toms athens lights

product design


Location: Athens

Usage: lights installation
Size: 120 m² ( on 2 levels )
Client: toms greece

materials: metal / cork /linear led lamp 

Construction: 157+173 designers 

Date: 2016
Photo: 157+173 designers

Status: manufactured

What is

Toms is an international brand which has a very unique and strong identity, both on it's concept and the store designs. 

As a follow up to Thessaloniki's store, the bespoke lights were designed  with respect to the brand's identity, the architects' interior proposal and the architecture of the building itself. Metal is used as a basic material, in order the lights not to stand out as units, on the contrary, to be totally  embodied to the store's environment, and together to be adding some "sweet raw "style to it. Their design was also inspired by a playful spirit, to match with Toms "giving" and "happy" mood. Cork is also used to naturally colour the composition, while natural burlap ribbons are used to hold the lights from the ceiling. 

A project by / 157+173 designers

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