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interior design 


Location: Aachen / Germany
Usage: temporary living / hotel
Size: 1000 m² ( on 5 levels )
Client: Poha house / Landmarken
Construction: Landmarken
Date: 2022

Photo: renders

Status: during process / built 

What is

Poha is a project aiming to offer all inclusive temporary living options for tourists, students, digital nomads and short term occupied professionals.

Within a pre- existing listed building in Aachen, we designed a variation of room types to fit all needs, from tiny to suite ones, all of which share the same design language and qualities. Our purpose was to create a contemporary space for living, for someone to only bring their suitcase to. Besides, Poha concept aims to highlight people's actual communication and engagement  with each other, so we designed various common spaces for co-working , relaxing,  sharing common experiences and networking. Aachen model is the pilot design to be repeated to other locations within Germany and later rest of Europe as well.

A project by / 157+173 designers

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