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One point chair

art / installations


Date: 2012
Location: Thessaloniki
Client: Greek museum of modern art
Material: metal, wire string, wood (mdf), insulator (dow)
Status: one- off

What is

“One Point Chair” is an installation designed after invitation, for the Greek museum of modern art, as a contemporary comment on the Russian Avant Garde scene.

The project  is a spatial-dynamic, geometric construction. Specially designed volumes, are hunged by wires which stretch between a single point (observation point) and several distinct points on the surface of the wall, in order to visualize a chair, in an imaginary vertical plane between them.

The construction, consists of an observation point and its base, the suspended volume pieces (15 in number), the supporting wire strings (4 on each piece, 60 total) and the surface shapes that are placed on the floor.

Depending on where the observer stands in relation with the project, a different visual composition of the volumes, that make up the chair image, is created. The chair image, is simultaneously mutated with any of the observer’s displacement, to only appear clearly when the observer looks through the particular point of observation.

Assuming that there is an imaginary light source behind the project, on the side of the wall, the shadows of the suspended pieces, are projected on the floor surface. For the project, these shadows, acquire materiality, thus forming a composition on the floor, in order to reveal the influence of the project, through the morphological similarity with original painting compositions of the Russian Avant-Garde movement.

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