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luffa lamp

lights/ product design 


Usage: lights
Size: 50cm length / dim 15

Material: luffa / cork
Client: 157+173 designers / own production
Construction: 157+173 designers
Date: 2018
Photo: 157+173 designers 

Status: in production

What is

Ceiling lamp, designed to be hanged from the ceiling, but powered from a wall plug. A colorful fabric cord holds the lamp from the ceiling, while additionally, a power supply cord ends up to a plug, to fit to any normal wall or ground socket
Its body is made out of dryed luffa, a tropical plant also grown in Greece, whose fruit is an extra large cucumber. Its flesh reveals a semi transparent structure and complicated micro connec- tions, letting the light pass through them, providing the lamp with much transparency.

A project by / 157+173 designers

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