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ice cream
wedding gift

product design


Usage: wedding gift
Size: 15cm
Client: Lemon & Veta

materials: ceramic / wood / tracing paper / thread

Construction: 157+173 designers

Date: 2015
Photo: 157+173 designers 

Status: manufactured

What is

This is a gift for all the friends who attended the after party of a couple's wedding.
The invitation is designed to refer and resemble a real ice-cream with packaging, in scale and graphic details while much of its reality is it taken away from it, decolonizing the whole object to neutral,- off white and transparent shades.
The printed semi transparent paper, which also refers to commonly used wedding cards, becomes the packaging of a real object, a souvenir of the wedding event.
Then it is carefully sewn with gold thread, as suits to a wedding "rich" atmosphere and perforated at the owe and to easily cut-off for the user.

A project by / 157+173 designers

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