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gr-eatings lights

lights / product design


Location: Thessaloniki
Usage: lights installation
Size: 200 m²
Client: gr-eatings

materials: anodised metal / ceramic
Construction: 157+173 designers x Teras
Date: 2016
Photo: 157+173 designers 

Status: built 

What is

This lights installation for Gr-eatings restaurant, in Thessaloniki, consists of a composition of a large metallic structure hanged on the ceiling of the space, with lamps in-between gypsum decorations and some custom-made ceramic hanging lamps, to be hanged over corner tables.

Ceiling installation made of anodised metal to gain the rainbow color effect. Their strict but playful design with fine curves and lines running along the ceiling, is such to perfectly incorporate with the classical gypsum ceiling decorations, proposed by the architects. Hanging black and deep blue ceramic lights, are designed to add a cute curvy small element, in front of the frames on the wall proposed by the architects.

A project by / 157+173 designers

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