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Mia Feta- Feta Bar



Location: Thessaloniki
Usage: dairy shop & restaurant
Size: 70 m²
Client: Kourellas SA dairy
Construction: Contrust
Date: 2013
Photo: Kostas Pappas

Status: built

What is

Mia Feta - Feta bar is a unique concept store, designed for the dairy brand “Kourellas” from the city of Grevena in Northern Greece district.

The company provides a holistic production regarding cheese and related dairy products, with their own animal food industries, farms and cheese production factory. Feta bar is their first retail shop for promoting their products.

Its concept describes a multi usage space which combines a contemporary vision of a traditional Greek grocery store, while at the same time being a very unique restaurant.
The space is designed to be fully exposed and mixed used, there are no secret corners and no clear spacial boundaries between the different uses on the space, while the customer and the staff share the same area.
The heart of Feta bar is its central table, around which the other uses were organized.  All around it, there are refrigerators for the cold foods and shelves for the dry foods and wine. At the end of the table and towards the of the shop, is placed the main refrigerator containing bulk cheese and deli cold meat products. On the mezzanine, the kitchen area is revealed behind a large glass-window, designed to make the chef movements visible from the ground floor level. Finally, the basement hosts a big cheese and wine cellar, and the WC for the facility. 

A project by / 157+173 designers

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