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Eco Suites lights

lights / product design 


Location: Tristinika / Chalkidiki
Usage: lights
Size: various sizes

Material: luffa / leather / reed
Client: eco suites design hotel
Construction: 157+173 designers
Date: 2017
Photo: 157+173 designers 

Status: manufactured

What is

Custom made lights, made out of natural materials, for Eco Suites, an awarded design hotel in Tristinika, Chalkidiki. The lights are peacefully converse with the rest of the interior design, based on natural materials and textures.
Luffa is a vegetable in the group of pumpkins, which has an amazing inner structure when dries out.  We also used soft leather and baskets made of knitted reeds. Cables and joints are also made of cotton textures, while also a traditional knitted cotton ribbon was used as a finish on the reed hat lamp.


A project by / 157+173 designers

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