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bird nests

small scale architecture


Date: 2021
Location: everywhere
Client: bee breeders
Material: various materials
Status: competition / design concept
competitors: 157+173 designers & elina foutzitsoglou

What is

Every bird is a builder and an architect of its own nest.

They do not need a human made nest. But they might need a matter source. we provide them with pre-fabricated more formal - more “architectural” elements of matter, to experiment with their own building abilities.

This proposition studies the design of a system, on which birds are provided with a variety of different pre-fabricated sustainable materials, different than they usually collect on their own environment, and experiment with nest forms that may result of this experiment.

Birds will still remain the architects and builders of their own houses, but they will be somehow urged to use other kind of materials and experience other type of building techniques and possibly a combination if use of organic and processed materials.

Specifically for this proposition, the behaviour of commonly found birds on the urban and suburban environment of thessaloniki is studied to 3 different locations, a roof top, the sea level and a church bell tower. Those birds vary on size from small to medium to large, build nests with different materials from each other and prefer to build onto different locations.

A project by / 157+173 designers

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