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Tiny house in Arnaia



Location: Arnaia / Chalkidiki
Usage: vacation house
Size: 30m²
Client: 157+
173 designers ( self project) 
Construction: 157+173 designers
Date: 2010
Photo: 157+173 designers

Status: built

What is

This tiny stone-house was build around 1950, as a stable for sheep and horses, within a plot of fir trees and red grape roots. 

Its renovation is a never ending DIY project. 

During the renovation, we made openings for door and windows, installed a roof, added a new small volume to host the kitchen and the  wc, and build a secondary level, a mezzanine for a bed. Then the house was equipped with various antique furniture and vintage items. 

A project by / 157+173 designers

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